91-129-87-84-Recharge Air Conditioning Mitsubishi in Torrelodones

91-129-87-84-Recharge Air Conditioning Mitsubishi in Torrelodones

In the 91-129-87-84, MITSUBISHI Air Conditioning Service in Torrelodones to repair or recharge your Mitsubishi air conditioning / air conditioning unit.

We perform the recharging of Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Gas, cleaning of ducts and filters, leaks in pipes and Anti-Bacterial Filters of your air conditioning unit.

Specialized in the recharge of GAS AIR CONDITIONED SPLIT, WALL, HOUSE, WINDOW, Domestic, Loading of gas and Change of Filters available in your Home, Home, Local, Office, Restaurant, Ship, Community etc .. in Torrelodones -Madrid.

Charges and Refills of Gas Refrigerant ecological or regenerated for SPLIT of Air Conditioning with or without Vacuum Pump of the types of gas: GAS R22, R410, R407, R410a, R410 of any Mitsubishi air conditioning model

Domestic Range
Wall / Floor Units
MSZ-FH Kirigamine Series
Series MSZ-EF Kirigamine Zen 2
MSZ-SF Series
MSZ-GF Series
MSZ-HJ series
MFZ-KJ Series
Multi Split Systems
Interior Units
External Units
MXZ-HJ Series

Mr. Slim Commercial Range
Seasonal Conducts
Seasonal Cassettes
Seasonal Wall
Seasonal ceiling
Roof Applic. Specials Station …
Seasonal Column
Seasonal Multi Compo
Air curtains
Industrial Range
Compo Multi
Conduits 1×1
City Multi Range
Heat Pump (S / Y)
Heat Recovery (R2)
Interior Ducts
Low Silhouette PEFY-VMS1
High Pressure PEFY-VMH (S)
Low Pressure PEFY-VMR
100% outside air
Cassette interiors
Interior Wall
Interior Ceiling
Floor Interiors
Ecodan interiors
Special Applications
Hybrid City Multi HVRF
  External Units
Hydro BC Controller (HBC)
VMA Conduit Fan Coils
Conduit Fan Coils VMS1
Soil Fan Coils with pressure
Fan Coils Cassettes 4V
Ecodan range
  Ecodan Hybrid
Ecodan Split
Ecodan Compact
Ecodan Open Solution
Ecodan by City Multi
Ecodan Power Plus
Heating only systems

MELCloud WiFi Control
  LGH-RVX Series
GUF Series

Melans Control Range
  Individual remote controls
System controls
Weekly programmer
Centralized controls
Comprehensive controls
Customized solutions
Integration with external signals
Integrated solutions

TBC Telemaintenance Service
Dehumidifiers MZC6
If you wish, leave us your phone and we will call you in a few minutes. We will advise you on the possible problem with full confidence.
Free Budget and Free Visit for Torrelodones.
Air Conditioning Technician Loans throughout the Community of Madrid:
Madrid Capital, Madrid-East, Madrid-North, Madrid-West, Madrid-South



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